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Stay Cool and Keep Your Cool

In creating Zero K, we focused on combining the highest quality ingredients to bring you the best, most effective, product.

The wipe is made out the highest quality spunlace nonwoven fabric; it is soft to the touch and effective in distributing the cooling and cleansing formula.

Each towelette is saturated with our proprietary solution and is made from 98% natural and naturally derived ingredients, including peppermint oil, which provides a mild peppermint scent, and menthol which together help to create the cooling sensation on the skin.

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Where does the name Zero K come from?

Zero K is an abbreviation for Zero Kelvin, also known as "Absolute Zero". One of the three units for measuring temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius are the other two), Zero Kelvin is the coldest possible temperature in thermodynamics.  

Are Zero K wipes scented?

Our wipes have a mild refreshing peppermint scent (this comes from the peppermint oil) that fades away as it evaporates on your skin.

Do the wipes use natural ingredients?

The Zero K formula is made from 98% natural and naturally derived ingredients. Benzyl Alcohol, a common preservative, is the only ingredient which is non natural ingredient. 

Where can I buy Zero K?

Zero K can be found at fitness studios all around the U.S. You can also purchase Zero K on our website by clicking here.

Is it safe to use if I have sensitive skin or a skin condition?

Zero K was created to be effective for a range of skin types.  However, if you have a pre-existing skin condition we encourage you to consult your physician/dermatologist before using a wipe, just as you would with any other product.  

Where is Zero K made?

The Zero K formula is produced and packaged in the United States in certified labs.