Cooling Control When You Need It Most

Zero K cooling wipes are specially designed to cool and cleanse your skin, and help combat unwanted and uncomfortable sweating.

No longer do you need to use a paper towel or handkerchief to to wipe your brow, or feel self conscious about that “breaking point” where people notice your perspiration.  Whether you've finished working out, are in an important business or social setting, or just need a way to cool down, Zero K is here to help.

Zero K cooling wipes are disposable, easy-to-carry, feature 98% naturally derived ingredients, and are scientifically designed to cool you down when you need it most.  

Confidence In Your Pocket

Zero K was designed to be convenient and effective.  We experienced, first-hand, how sweating can increase anxiety and wanted to create a portable solution that could address it.

Since the wipes are disposable, you can carry a single wipe or five-pack with you at all times.  Our five-pack keeps you worry free throughout the day, providing a fresh wipe when you need it most.

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